Who Can Repair Chimneys in Cottage Grove or Woodbury, MN?

Rich Boyer Masonry & Concrete, Inc. performs brick and stone work

Your chimney has looked unstable for a while, but now it’s actually falling apart. Call Rich Boyer Masonry & Concrete, Inc. in Cottage Grove, MN to build it up again. We’ll tear off the dead brick pieces and replace them with new ones. We’ll then put a new concrete cap on your chimney and seal it all up. What’s the point of a chimney cap? Here are five reasons why we install them:

  1. They keep rain water out of your chimney
  2. They prevent animals from trying to make homes in your chimney
  3. They keep downdrafts from blowing smoke back into your home
  4. They stop lit embers or sparks that fly up the chimney from landing on your roof
  5. They prevent leaves, branches, twigs and other debris from entering your chimney

Could your chimney use a repair? Talk to us today for a chimney that stands tall again.

Do you want a brick house?

Do you want a brick house?

Rich Boyer Masonry & Concrete can replace the siding of your home with brick or stone. We can replace and repair the brick or stone you already have around your home in Cottage Grove or Woodbury, MN, or we could switch your stone work with brick work and vice versa.

Get in touch with us today to change up your home’s façade.