Solidify Your Family's Footing With Concrete Floors

Rich Boyer Masonry & Concrete provides concrete floor installations in Woodbury, Cottage Grove, & Minneapolis, MN

Is the concrete floor in your garage cracked or damaged? Rich Boyer Masonry & Concrete, Inc. an handle repairs, replacements and installations for garage and interior home floors. With our owner overseeing the whole process from start to finish, we’ll remove your existing floor and put in the new concrete. We’ll apply a finish and seal it all in once we're done.

Trust our 30 years of experience to install a quality concrete floor for your home and garage in Cottage Grove, Woodbury or Minneapolis, MN.

Rethink concrete floors in your home

Rethink concrete floors in your home

Concrete floors are often associated with cold, industrial-type spaces, but concrete can actually take on many different colors and sheens. Concrete can create an elegant and warm look for your home. It has other benefits, too:

  • Concrete floors are sustainable since existing concrete slabs can be used, therefore avoiding the use of new materials
  • Only mopping is necessary to maintain it
  • Concrete floors can last a lifetime or longer
  • Different sealers and colors can change the look of the concrete, adding versatility
Are you ready to create a new look in your home with concrete floors? Call us at 651-480-8253 to get started.